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What can you do with the DBMS_LOB package?

A.    Use the DBMS_LOB.WRITE procedure to write data to a BFILE.
B.    Use the DBMS_LOB.BFILENAME function to locate an external BFILE.
C.    Use the DBMS_LOB.FILEEXISTS function to find the location of a BFILE.
D.    Use the DBMS_LOB.FILECLOSE procedure to close the file being accessed.

Answer: D

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Oracle 1Z0-062 Practice Questions Free Download From Braindump2go

Examine the parameters for your database instance:
————————– ——————————- —————————
undo_management string AUTO
undo_retentioninteger 12 00
undo_tablespace string UNDOTBS1
You execute the following command:
Which statement is true in this scenario?

A.    Undo data is written to flashback logs after 1200 seconds.
B.    Inactive undo data is retained for 1200 seconds even if subsequent transactions fail due to lack of space in the undo tablespace.
C.    You can perform a Flashback Database operation only within the duration of 1200 seconds.
D.    An attempt is made to keep inactive undo for 1200 seconds but transactions may overwrite the undo before that time has elapsed.

Answer: A

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Oracle 1Z0-061 Practice Tests From People Who Created Oracle 1Z0-061 Exam

You need to create a table for a banking application. One of the columns in the table has the following requirements:
1) You want a column in the table to store the duration of the credit period.
2) The data in the column should be stored in a format such that it can be easily added and subtracted with date data type without using conversion functions.
3) The maximum period of the credit provision in the application is 30 days.
4) The interest has to be calculated for the number of days an individual has taken a credit for.
Which data type would you use for such a column in the table?

A.    DATE

Answer: D

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You notice that the performance of your production 24/7 Oracle database significantly degraded. Sometimes you are not able to connect to the instance because it hangs. You do not want to restart the database instance.
How can you detect the cause of the degraded performance?

A.    Enable Memory Access Mode, which reads performance data from SGA.
B.    Use emergency monitoring to fetch data directly from SGA analysis.
C.    Run Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) to fetch information from the latest Automatic
Workload Repository (AWR) snapshots.
D.    Use Active Session History (ASH) data and hang analysis in regular performance monitoring.
E.    Run ADDM in diagnostic mode.

Answer: C
*In most cases, ADDM output should be the first place that a DBA looks when notified of a performance problem.
*Performance degradation of the database occurs when your database was performing optimally in the past, such as 6 months ago, but has gradually degraded to a point where it becomes noticeable to the users. The Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) Compare Periods report enables you to compare database performance between two periods of time.
While an AWR report shows AWR data between two snapshots (or two points in time), the AWR Compare Periods report shows the difference between two periods (or two AWR reports with a total of four snapshots). Using the AWR Compare Periods report helps you to identify detailed performance attributes and configuration settings that differ between two time periods.
Reference:Resolving Performance Degradation Over Time

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Braindump2go Oracle Exam 1Z0-053 Updated For New Version

As part of archiving the historical data, you want to transfer data from one database to another database, which is on another server. All tablespaces in the source database are read/write and online. The source and target databases use the same compatibility level and character sets. View the Exhibit and examine the features in the source and target database.
Which of the following steps are required to transport a tablespace from the database to the target database:
1.Make the tablespace read-only at the source database.
2.Export metadata from the source database.
3.Convert data filed by using Recovery Manager (RMAN).
4.Transfer the dump file and data filed to the target machine.
5.Import metadata at the target database.
6.Make the tablespace read/write at the target database.

A.    2, 4, and 5
B.    All the steps
C.    2, 3, 4 and 5
D.    1, 2, 4, 5 and 6

Answer: D
If both platforms have the same endianness, no conversion is necessary. Otherwise you must do a conversion of the tablespace set either at the source or destination database.


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Which two statements correctly describe the relation between a data file and the logical database structures? (Choose two.)

A.    An extent cannot spread across data files.
B.    A segment cannot spread across data files.
C.    A data file can belong to only one tablespace.
D.    A data file can have only one segment created in it.
E.    A data block can spread across multiple data files as it can consist of multiple operating system (OS)

Answer: AC

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Which two statements below could explain why the vSphere Client is reporting N/A for hyperthreading? (Choose two.)

A.    The physical CPUs in the host do not support hyperthreading.
B.    Hyperthreading is disabled in the host’s BIOS.
C.    The physical CPUs in the host are not multi-core.
D.     The number of CPUs meets or exceeds the maximum without hyperthreading.

Answer: AB

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Grasping All The New Vmware VCP510 Exam Questions and Answers And Passing Exam Doubtless

The VMware vCenter Server Appliance has been deployed using default settings.
What user name and password are used to log in to the administration interface to configure the appliance?

A.    The initial user name and password must be supplied on the first login attempt.
B.    The initial user name and password must be supplied during deployment.
C.    The initial user name is root and the password is blank.
D.    The initial user name is root and the password is vmware.

Answer: D

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A user has a perimeter firewall and up-to-date antivirus software. The user is asking what else they can do to improve their security. Which of the following will have the MOST impact on network security? (Select TWO).

A.    Install additional antivirus software
B.    Disable screen savers
C.    Conduct a daily security audit
D.    Assign security rights based on job roles
E.    Use strong passwords

Answer: DE
To improve security, assign security rights based on job roles. You need to give least amount of privilege to users so that they can do their jobs without having access to resources that have nothing to do with their job roles.

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Small form factor PCs that utilize full-height PCI and PCI-Express cards need which of the following supplementary items to allow for proper installation?

A.    FireWire cards
B.    Riser cards
C.    Storage cards
D.    Network cards

Answer: B

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Evaluate the following CREATE TABLE commands:
ord_date DATE,
cust_id NUMBER(4));
CREATE TABLE ord_items
(ord_no NUMBER(2),
item_no NUMBER(3),
qty NUMBER(3) CHECK (qty BETWEEN 100 AND 200),
expiry_date date CHECK (expiry_date > SYSDATE),
CONSTRAINT it_pk PRIMARY KEY (ord_no,item_no),
CONSTRAINT ord_fk FOREIGN KEY(ord_no) REFERENCES orders(ord_no));
The above command fails when executed. What could be the reason?

A.    SYSDATE cannot be used with the CHECK constraint.
B.    The BETWEEN clause cannot be used for the CHECK constraint.
C.    The CHECK constraint cannot be placed on columns having the DATE data type.
D.    ORD_NO and ITEM_NO cannot be used as a composite primary key because ORD_NO is also

Answer: A
CHECK Constraint
The CHECK constraint defines a condition that each row must satisfy. The condition can use the same constructs as the query conditions, with the following exceptions:
References to the CURRVAL, NEXTVAL, LEVEL, and ROWNUM pseudocolumns Calls to SYSDATE, UID, USER, and USERENV functions
Queries that refer to other values in other rows
A single column can have multiple CHECK constraints that refer to the column in its definition. There is no limit to the number of CHECK constraints that you can define on a column. CHECK constraints can be defined at the column level or table level.
CREATE TABLE employees
salary NUMBER(8,2) CONSTRAINT emp_salary_min
CHECK (salary > 0),

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An administrator has a network subnet dedicated to a group of users. Due to concerns regarding data and network security, the administrator desires to provide network access for this group only. Which of the following would BEST address this desire?

A.    Install a proxy server between the users’ computers and the switch to filter inbound network traffic.
B.    Block commonly used ports and forward them to higher and unused port numbers.
C.    Configure the switch to allow only traffic from computers based upon their physical address.
D.    Install host-based intrusion detection software to monitor incoming DHCP Discover requests.

Answer: C

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