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A customer wants to add some logic around specific IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 poller generated events. Where would an administrator put this logic?

A.    add an exception filter clause to the ncmonitor.noEvent table
B.    modify the nco_p_ncpmonitor rules file to include the required logic
C.    modify the ncp_poller event generation ruleset to prevent the events from being sent
D.    change the EventGatewaySchema.cfg configuration file to prevent the events from
reaching the ObjectServer

Answer: B

What does this entry do in the DiscoCollectorFinderSeeds.DOMAIN.cfg in IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 (ITNM)?
insert into collectorFinder.collectorRules ( m_Host, m_Port, m_NumRetries ) values ( “”, 8082, 5 ) ;

A.    The collector agent running on the ITNM server connects to the EMS running on port
8082 to collect its data.
B.    The collector agent running on the ITNM server connects to the collector running on port
8082 to collect its data.
C.    The collector agent running on 172 16 25 1 connects locally to the collector running on port
8082 to collect its data.
D.    The collector agent running on the ITNM server connects to the collector running on
172.16.25 1 port 8082 to collect its data.

Answer: D

How can discovery be configured to run at 7:00 p.m. every night?

A.    run the script $PRECI`SION_HOME/scripts/perl/scripts/ 1900
B.    edit the SPRECISIONJHOMBdisco/stitchers/FullDiscovery.stch file and add in the line
within the StitcherTrigger section:
ActOnDemand(( m_TimeOfDay) values (1900););
C.    edit the $PRECISION_HOME/disco/stitchers/FullDiscovery.stch file and add in the line
within the StitcherTrigger section:
ActOnTimedTrigger(( m_TimeOfDay) values (1900););
D.    edit the $PRECISION_HOME/disco/stitchers/FullDiscovery stch stitcher and add in the
line within the StitcherRules section:
ActOnDemand(( m_TimeOfDay) values (1900););

Answer: C

Which restriction is in place when using a silent install mode?

A.    The installation process cannot be canceled at any time
B.    The silent install file cannot be edited after it has been created.
C.    The silent install file cannot be moved between hosts and then reused.
D.    The silent install mode is only suitable for a default standard installation

Answer: A

A company wants to create a new drop-down list that an operator can use when creating new dynamic network views. The list will hold the customerName and customerLocation information. This information was collected during the discovery phase and added to the model. The administrator has already extended the NCIM database with a new table called Customer which has two fields:
customerName and customerLocation. The model has been configured to populate this new table. Which additional step does the administrator need to take to display the new table in the dropdown list?

A.    add this table to the appropriate section in the
B.    modify the ncimMetaDataxml file by adding the appropriate table and data fields
C.    modify the DBEntityDetails.cfg file by specifying a new drop-down list and the name of the
table created in the NCIM database
D.    no additional step is required as the network view configuration automatically has access to
all of the tables in the NCIM database and will create a drop-down list for each and every table

Answer: B

In IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 given a requirement to discover a new node but not place it in the topology correctly, which two tasks must be performed when doing partial rediscovery? (Choose two.)

A.    ensure the option Network Discovery Configuration > Advanced > Enable Rediscovery
Rebuild Layers is checked
B.    ensure the necessary agents are enabled under Network Discovery Configuration >
Partial Rediscovery Agents tab
C.    ensure the option Network Discovery Configuration > Advanced > Enable Rediscovery
Rebuild Layers is unchecked
D.    ensure the option Network Discovery Configuration > Advanced > Enable Rediscovery
of Related Devices is checked
E.    ensure the option Network Discovery Configuration > Advanced > Enable Rediscovery
of Related Devices is unchecked

Answer: BC

Which file contains the SNMP community strings and settings for an IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 (ITNM) domain named ITNM NCP?

A.    CtrlServices.ITNM_NCP.cfg
B.    SnmpStackSchema.ITNM_NCP.cfg
C.    SnmpStackSecuritylnfo.ITNM_NCP.cfg
D.    DiscoSnmpHelperSchema.ITNM_NCP.cfg

Answer: C

The IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 administrator received a request to create a new domain with a default set of configuration files and poll policies. A Dbl_ogins.DOMAIN.cfg file has already been created with the appropriate access details. Which action must be taken?

A. -domain <DOMAIN>
B. -domain <DOMAIN> -default
C.    manually insert the domain details into the ncim.domainMgr table
D.    start the ncp_ctrl process for the new domain name – defaults will be applied

Answer: A

How should an administrator deploy IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 using a command line installation on a Windows system?

A.    console_install.exe
B.    launchpad_console.exe
C.    launchpad.exe -console
D.    install.exe -i console

Answer: D

If NCIM replication is enabled, which statement is true?

A.    Only IBM DB2 can be used for NCIM replication.
B.    Two NCIM databases exist, one in the primary domain and one in the backup domain.
C.    IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 (ITNM) must connect to a pair of virtual ObjectServers.
D.    There will only be one ncp_g_event running for all of ITNM.

Answer: B

By default, which three fields are used by the event gateway to link an event to a topology entity? (Choose three.)

A.    @Node
B.    @Class
C.    @bEventld
D.    @Identifier
E.    @LocalPriObj
F.    @LocalNodeAlias

Answer: CEF

Which two statements are true about installing IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.9 (ITNMJ on a Solaris platform? {Choose two.)

A.    The ITNM destination directory must be owned as root.
B.    If ITNM is installed as a non-root user, all future Tivoli products must be installed as
the same user.
C.    The script must be run as root if ITNM is installed and will
run as nonroot.
D.    The script must be run as non-root if ITNM is installed and
will run as non-root.
E.    Multiple ITNM installations on the same server can be installed with both the root
account and a non-root account.

Answer: BC
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HP Intelligent Management Centers (IMC’s) Intelligent Configuration Center and Access Control List (ACL) Manager align with which FCAPS category?

A.    Performance
B.    Fault
C.    Accounting
D.    Configuration

Answer: B

A customer wants to implement a network access control solution to ensure that only devices which meet company policies are allowed to access the network. Which HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) modules should you recommend?

A.    Branch Intelligent Management System (BIMS) and Service Health Manager
B.    User Access Management (UAM) and Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD)
C.    User Behavior Analyzer (UBA) and Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD)
D.    User Behavior Analyzer (UBA) and Intelligent Analysis Reporter

Answer: B

Which switch series supports meshed stacking, a feature that is similar to Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)?

A.    HP 3500 Switch Series
B.    HP 3800 Switch Series
C.    HP 5400 21 Switch Series
D.    HP 5500 HI Switch Series

Answer: B
Explanation: Intelligent-Resilient/ba-p/122081#.UweFeUKSxHg

Which router would you recommend for a large campus that requires the highest performance?

A.    HP MSR930 Series
B.    HP MSR2000 Series
C.    HP HSR6600 Router Series
D.    HP HSR6800 Router Series

Answer: D
Explanation: ex.aspx

A company needs a data center network solution that isolates different departments’ traffic completely to maintain regulatory compliance. It also needs to save space and purchase as few physical switches as possible. Which HP FlexFabric switch technology meets these needs?

A.    HP Multitenant Device Context (MDC)
B.    HP Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
C.    HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric
D.    HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)

Answer: A
Explanation: (page 73)

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Which of the following can be registered as entry points with a SoapServer instance (choose 3)

A.    A single function
B.    A single method from a class
C.    Multiple functions at once
D.    All methods from a class
E.    All classes defined in a script

Answer: ACD

What DOMElement method should be used to check for availability of a non-namespaced attribute?

A.    getAttributeNS()
B.    getAttribute()
C.    hasAttribute()
D.    hasAttributeNS()

Answer: C

Which of the following data types is implicitly passed by reference in PHP 5 while it is passed by value in PHP 4?

A.    Class
B.    String
C.    Object
D.    Array

Answer: C

REST is a(n) …

A.    Web service protocol similar to SOAP with a strict XML schema.
B.    Principle to exchange information using XML and HTTP.
C.    API to get information from social networking sites.

Answer: B

What is the output of the following code?
echo 0x33, ‘ monkeys sit on ‘, 011, ‘ trees.’;

A.    33 monkeys sit on 11 trees.
B.    51 monkeys sit on 9 trees.
C.    monkeys sit on trees.
D.    0x33 monkeys sit on 011 trees.

Answer: B

When checking whether two English words are pronounced alike, which function should be used for the best possible result?

A.    levenshtein()
B.    metaphone()
C.    similar_text()
D.    soundex()

Answer: B

Given the following code, what is correct?
function f(stdClass &$x = NULL) { $x = 42;
$z = new stdClass;

A.    Error: Typehints cannot be NULL
B.    Error: Typehints cannot be references
C.    Result is NULL
D.    Result is object of type stdClass
E.    Result is 42

Answer: E

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Which Layer 2 mechanism should be used to authenticate wireless or wired users before allowing them access to network resources?

A.    802.1X
B.    MIMO
C.    802.1Z
D.    WPA

Answer: A

Which HP switch supports nine switches in an IRF topology?

A.    5120-SI
B.    9 5820
C.    7500
D.    12500

Answer: B

Which component of an HP Comware switch controls logging on to a syslog server?

A.    Log Parser
B.    Event Analyzer
C.    Information Center
D.    Event Log

Answer: A

What is the default username and password an administrator would use to log into a new HP MSM access point?

A.    username of “hp” and password of “hp”
B.    username of “msm” and password of “wireless”
C.    username of “admin” and password of “hp”
D.    username of “admin” and password of “admin”

Answer: D

Which Intelligent Management Center (IMC) group role allows an administrator to manage networking devices, but cannot add new IMC administrative users?

A.    Operator
B.    Administrator
C.    Manager
D.    Maintainer

Answer: D

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Hotspot Question






Which will fix the issue and allow ONLY ping to work while keeping telnet disabled?

A.    Correctly assign an IP address to interface fa0/1.
B.    Change the ip access-group command on fa0/0 from “in* to “our.
C.    Remove access-group 106 in from interface fa0/0 and add access-group 115 in.
D.    Remove access-group 102 out from interface s0/0/0 and add access-group 114 in
E.    Remove access-group 106 in from interface fa0/0 and add access-group 104 in.

Answer: E
Let’s have a look at the access list 104:

The question does not ask about ftp traffic so we don’t care about the two first lines. The 3rd line denies all telnet traffic and the 4th line allows icmp traffic to be sent (ping). Remember that the access list 104 is applied on the inbound direction so the 5th line “access-list 104 deny icmp any any echo-reply” will not affect our icmp traffic because the “echo-reply” message will be sent over the outbound direction.

Hotspot Question






What would be the effect of issuing the command ip access-group 114 in to the fa0/0 interface?

A.    Attempts to telnet to the router would fail.
B.    It would allow all traffic from the network.
C.    IP traffic would be passed through the interface but TCP and UDP traffic would not.
D.    Routing protocol updates for the network would not be accepted from the fa0/0 interface.

Answer: B
From the output of access-list 114: access-list 114 permit ip any we can easily understand that this access list allows all traffic (ip) from network

Hotspot Question






What would be the effect of Issuing the command ip access-group 115 in on the s0/0/1 interface?

A.    No host could connect to RouterC through s0/0/1.
B.    Telnet and ping would work but routing updates would fail.
C.    FTP, FTP-DATA, echo, and www would work but telnet would fail.
D.    Only traffic from the network would pass through the interface.

Answer: A
First let’s see what was configured on interface S0/0/1:


Lab Simulation Question – NAT-2
A network associate is configuring a router for the Weaver company to provide internet access. The ISP has provided the company six public IP addresses of – The company has 14 hosts that need to access the internet simultaneously. The hosts in the company LAN have been assigned private space addresses in the range of –

The following have already been configured on the router:
The basic router configuration
The appropriate interfaces have been configured for NAT inside and NAT outside
The appropriate static routes have also been configured (since the company will be a stub network, no routing protocol will be required.)
All passwords have been temporarily set to “cisco”
The task is to complete the NAT configuration using all IP addresses assigned by the ISP to provide internet access for the hosts in the weaver LAN. Functionality can be tested by clicking on the host provided for testing.
Configuration information:
Router name    –    Weaver
Inside global addresses    – – /29
Inside local addresses    – – /28
Number of inside hosts    –    14
Step 1: Router Name
Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#hostname Weaver
Step 2: NAT Configuration
Weaver(config)#access-list 10 permit
Weaver(config)#ip nat pool  mynatpool netmask
Weaver(config)#ip nat inside source list 10 pool mynatpool overload
Step 3: Save Configuration
Weaver#copy run start
We can verify the answer by pinging the ISP IP Address ( from Host for testing.
Click “Host for testing”
In command prompt, type “ping”. If ping succeeded then the NAT is working properly.
Screen Shots:




In a switched environment, what does the IEEE 802.1Q standard describe?

A.    the operation of VTP
B.    a method of VLAN trunking
C.    an approach to wireless LAN communication
D.    the process for root bridge selection
E.    VLAN pruning

Answer: B
A broadcast domain must sometimes exist on more than one switch in the network. To accomplish this, one switch must send frames to another switch and indicate which VLAN a particular frame belongs to. On Cisco switches, a trunk link is created to accomplish this VLAN identification. ISL and IEEE 802.1Q are different methods of putting a VLAN identifier in a Layer 2 frame. The IEEE 802.1Q protocol interconnects VLANs between multiple switches, routers, and servers. With 802.1Q, a network administrator can define a VLAN topology to span multiple physical devices.
Cisco switches support IEEE 802.1Q for FastEthernet and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. An 802.1Q trunk link provides VLAN identification by adding a 4-byte tag to an Ethernet Frame as it leaves a trunk port.

What are three benefits of GLBP? (Choose three.)

A.    GLBP supports up to eight virtual forwarders per GLBP group.
B.    GLBP supports clear text and MD5 password authentication between GLBP group members.
C.    GLBP is an open source standardized protocol that can be used with multiple vendors.
D.    GLBP supports up to 1024 virtual routers.
E.    GLBP can load share traffic across a maximum of four routers.
F.    GLBP elects two AVGs and two standby AVGs for redundancy.

Answer: BDE

Which three statements about HSRP operation are true? (Choose three.)

A.    The virtual IP address and virtual MA+K44C address are active on the HSRP Master router.
B.    The HSRP default timers are a 3 second hello interval and a 10 second dead interval.
C.    HSRP supports only clear-text authentication.
D.    The HSRP virtual IP address must be on a different subnet than the routers’ interfaces on the same LAN.
E.    The HSRP virtual IP address must be the same as one of the router’s interface addresses on the LAN.
F.    HSRP supports up to 255 groups per interface, enabling an administrative form of load balancing.

Answer: ABF

Which three statements about Syslog utilization are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Utilizing Syslog improves network performance.
B.    The Syslog server automatically notifies the network administrator of network problems.
C.    A Syslog server provides the storage space necessary to store log files without using router disk space.
D.    There are more Syslog messages available within Cisco IOS than there are comparable SNMP trap messages.
E.    Enabling Syslog on a router automatically enables NTP for accurate time stamping.
F.    A Syslog server helps in aggregation of logs and alerts.

Answer: CDF

A network administrator enters the following command on a router: logging trap 3. What are three message types that will be sent to the Syslog server? (Choose three.)

A.    informational
B.    emergency
C.    warning
D.    critical
E.    debug
F.    error

Answer: BDF

What is the default Syslog facility level?

A.    local4
B.    local5
C.    local6
D.    local7

Answer: D

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