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Users in your development database complain that they are getting the following error while trying to execute a query on the SALES_HISTORY table:
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
While investigating the reason, you find that a hardware failure occured, resulting in the loss of one of the available disk drives used by the database. While waitinig for a replacement drive, the DBA removed the un-needed data from the database and during the removl the SALES_HISTORY table was dropped accidentally.
Within few minutes a second hardware failure corrupted another disk drive, resulting in the loss of the current online redo log files and the logical back ups of the database. The redo log files were not multiplexed and the current redo log file is not yet archived. Which recovery method would you follow to recover the SALES_HISTORY table?

A.    Open Database complete recovery
B.    Cancel-Based incomplete recovery
C.    Change-Based incomplete recovery
D.    Closed Database complete recovery
E.    recovery using the backup control file

Answer: B

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