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You want to display employee records in tabular format, but the form is not wide enough to display all the items in the Employees block. The employee IDs and names of displayed records should always be visible, but you want to scroll the additional information as users tab through the Items, the form should look like a spreadsheet with the first two columns frozen.
Which canvas types would be most appropriate in this scenario?

A.    content canvas in a window with a horizontal scroll bar
B.    content canvas and multiple tab canvases
C.    content canvas and a tab canvas with multiple tab pages
D.    content canvas and a stacked canvas with a horizontal scroll bar
E.    multiple content canvases

Answer: C
After an entity is divided into groups, if all groups cannot be displayed simultaneously,
it becomes necessary for two or more regions to be displayed in the exact same space, one at a time, using a Tab control. The user can jump to a specific region by selecting a tab or by progressing continuously through all fields of all Tab regions. A set of fields, minimally the primary key fields, should remain visible so the user can maintain context at all times. There, “frozen” fields must be placed inside the Tab control on the left side.
When best to use Tab regions:
* When the user must see all fields of a record in a single window, but they do not need to see them all simultaneously.
* When entire regions need to be hidden from a user due to security restrictions, the current state of data, or other product installations.

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