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Extension Mobility has stopped working and you suspect the Extension Mobility Service has stopped working. How could an administrator restart the Cisco Extension Mobility service?

A.    Restart the service in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability Alarms
B.    Restart the service in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability Tools, Service Activation
C.    Restart the service in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability Tools, Control Center – Feature Services
D.    Restart the service in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Serviceability Tools, Control Center – Network Services

Answer: C

You are configuring Troubleshooting Perfmon Data-Logging parameters.
You want to specify the Cisco recommended file size that can be stored in a perfmon log file.
What is the maximum file size value that you must specify?

A.    5 MB
B.    50 MB
C.    100 MB
D.    150 MB
E.    500 MB
F.    600 MB

Answer: C

As a Voice Administrator, you have configured the Service Advertisement Call Control Discovery (CCD) feature. When you encounter CCD issues, which command would you use on the IOS interface to check all the learned routes on the IOS device?

A.    show eigrp service-family ipv4 topology
B.    show voice safdndb all
C.    show ccm-manager
D.    show eigrp service-family ipv4 interfaces
E.    show voice saf client
F.    show voice saf dial-peer outbound

Answer: B

When Device Mobility is configured, which parameter does Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) use to track the location of the phone device?

A.    IP address of the mobile device
B.    region settings under roaming-sensitive setting
C.    location settings under roaming-sensitive setting
D.    network locale
E.    device mobility group
F.    device mobility Content Services Switch (CSS)

Answer: A

What is the default directory format that you need to specify for Default TFTP MOH File Path field on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) server?

A.    \\\MoH
E.    \\\TFTPPATH\MoH\Files
F.    \\\MoH\Files

Answer: C

You have just configured Cisco CallManager.
A few users in your organization complain that when they log out, the phones are reset.
You need to provide a solution to this problem.
What should you do?

A.    Restart the TFTP service.
B.    Restart the Internet Information Service (IIS).
C.    Change the DNS address to IP address.
D.    Restart the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).
E.    Reboot the phones.
F.    Edit the form.jsp file and make appropriate changes.

Answer: C

What is the default maximum login time for a user in Cisco Extension Mobility?

A.    1 hour
B.    2 hours
C.    4 hours
D.    8 hours
E.    10 hours
F.    12 hours

Answer: D

You need to collect debug information in a production environment on urgent basis to troubleshoot a problem. Which two commands are recommended by Cisco that you should run? (Choose two.)

A.    no debug all
B.    undebug all
C.    no logging console
D.    logging buffered
E.    show debug
F.    show logging info

Answer: CD

A user gets the following error on the IP phone:
[205]-User Profile Absent
What could be the probable cause?

A.    The user profile is missing.
B.    The device profile is not attached to the user.
C.    The Enable Extension Mobility option is not enabled in the phone configuration window.
D.    User ID and password are incorrectly entered on the phone.
E.    User is assigned to another phone.
F.    User is logged on to another phone.

Answer: B

In a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) cluster, you receive a Database Communication Error when you attempt to login to the Publisher server. You need to resolve this issue.
Which two solutions should you try to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Revert the changes for hostname or IP address on the Publisher server.
B.    Verify and ensure that the replication is working on all nodes in the cluster.
C.    Restart the DBL service on the publisher.
D.    Modify the hostname for all Subscriber nodes in the cluster.
E.    Reboot all nodes in the cluster.
F.    Restart the DNS service in the cluster.

Answer: AB

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